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We strive to provide excellence in every experience. Although our jewelry is very high quality, if not taken care of properly, it can break or fall off. If this happens to you, we provide a re-linking service at our salon in Dover, PA. Keep your chain or charm, and bring it in to have it welded back on. Our fee is $5

If for any reason your jewelry were to break at the weld site within 3 weeks of receiving it, we will re-link it for free, as long as you have your chain. You can schedule an appointment at our salon or contact us. 

If you have a chain from another company that has broken, we can adjust and re-weld your chain for a $10 fee. The re-weld will be free if you decide to buy a new piece of jewelry from us!

Jewelry Care

Like any jewelry, you must maintain it for it to remain timeless. Wash your jewelry with a mild soap and water, or use a jewelry cleaner to freshen up your chain. We recommend washing your jewelry once a week. Be careful not to snag or pull on it, our jewelry is made to be very delicate, therefore take extra precaution to avoid breaking your chain. 

We thank you for choosing York Linked for all of your Permanent Jewelry needs. We appreciate each and every one of you, and hope you continue to use us in the future.  

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