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Made for you, by us.

Beautiful to wear with any ensemble, our custom fit jewelry is designed to show off your unique and elegant style. Using hand selected materials, every one of our items is made to last. We carefully solder the jewelry together using a delicate ring, making your piece timeless. If you want to treat yourself or a loved one to a truly memorable experience, choose York Linked for all of your permanent jewelry needs. 

Pink Sugar

Why Permanent Jewelry?

"Jewelry has served as a physical manifestation of emotions since the beginning of time, and I love thinking about how modern interpretations link back to previous eras." (Nadine Kahane)

Permanent Jewelry is made to last without the hassle of having to put the pieces on and remove them day after day. The chains are custom fit and delicate enough to not get in the way of every day tasks. The risk of losing the jewelry is very low as it is welded together. We offer only quality material at York Linked, ensuring your piece will last. This makes our jewelry a beautiful statement, and a timeless accessory.

Your creativity will have no limits by mixing and matching your favorite finishes, charms, and connectors, The simplicity of the chains allows them to be seamlessly worn by all ages and genders,

Permanent jewelry is an experience, and we will make sure to make it a memorable one.. If it's to honor meaningful milestones in your life, bond with friends or family, celebrate a partnership or marriage, or if you'd simply like to do something nice for yourself, we would love to be a part of it.

Flower Vase and Coral


  • Private Events - Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers, Girls Night, Weddings, Bachelorette, Graduation Parties, in home Private Parties, Holiday Parties etc.

  • Corporate Events - Brunch, holiday events, Tea Time, Business Meetings. 

  • Pop-up Events - Makers Markets, Festivals, Community Events ect.


                               ...and more!​

Flower Vase and Coral

Contact Us

To book with York Linked for an event at your desired location, or an appointment at the office contact us:

(717) 817-9500

You may also book your in-office personal appointment or event online.

For evening or weekend event booking please contact us directly!

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